Healthcare providers walking down a hallway and wheeling a gurney in a hospital.Anyone Can Be a Patient

Fifteen years ago, HooPayz CEO & Founder, Susan Lang, found herself in a new healthcare role. In an instant, Susan went from healthcare executive to patient, the result of a horrific car crash.

With months of recovery ahead of her, Susan was unable to focus solely on her health; medical bills were already pouring in, a threat to her and her family’s financial well-being. Susan realized the absolute necessity of advocacy in healthcare, and a decade later she founded HooPayz.


“Who Pays” for Healthcare?

Consumers and plan sponsors shoulder over a trillion dollars of healthcare expenses a year! With larger deductibles and higher out-of-pocket costs, the cost of care for you and your family is competing with every other expense in your household budget.


The HooPayz Advantage

We’re independent of any health plan, hospital or benefit consultant. Our priority is our members and we go where you go. HooPayz is the benefit you didn’t know you needed. We’re offered by employers, to help you – the employee – make informed, cost-saving decisions.

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