At HooPayz we work with brokers to piece together the healthcare puzzle. Brokers are an integral piece in making effective solutions for employers work. 

We use online health benefit cost management tools and high touch, personal advisors to serve every employee when they receive healthcare services, effectively reducing their cost and their stress.

The clients that really thrive and see the most value from our services start at around 50 employees and go up to 25,000+ lives.

Whether a group is fully or self-insured HooPayz offers solutions that work for the end users regardless of plan type or employer industry.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your groups of all different plan designs including captives, union groups, municipalities and other benefit structures. HooPayz provides depth and clarity to the healthcare plans that brokers and consultants work so hard to create.

Why partner with HooPayz

As an independent company, not owned or affiliated with any health plan, insurance company or provider, HooPayz represents your client and their employees with no hidden agenda.

With HooPayz, you gain:

Added Client Value

Strong ROI

High Member Utilization

Reporting Dashboard

Simple Implementation

More Time & Resources to Serve Your Clients

Generous Commission Revenue

Excellent Client Satisfaction

HooPayz enjoys working with Brokers from all over the country and wants to work with you. If you are interested to learn more about how we can partner with you to offer your clients new solutions please contact us.