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Are You Paying Twice for Healthcare?

Each week, we hear from a HooPayz member who ended up paying for their healthcare, not once, but twice. Healthcare is expensive enough as it is. After all, Americans spend about 22% of their income on healthcare.

Have you ever paid twice for your healthcare? We want to hear your story. You can even get a FREE HooPayz membership for sharing. Keep reading for more details.

Meeting Your Deductible…Twice

We’ve heard this one many times: you know you’ve already met your deductible, but your doctor is asking you to pay part of it again. That’s because there can be up to a 120-day lag for your medical claims to make it through the system and show up in your account information.

Tip: Keep track of your deductible yourself. Don’t rely on your health plan to do it for you, since the balance could be wrong until the claims catch up.

Paying Two Copays

Just this past week, a member of our team paid multiple copays for one “episode of care.” Her daughter fell and fractured her arm. Our team member called her pediatrician who said she wanted to see the patient. Mom and daughter went to the pediatrician, who then sent them to an outpatient X-ray facility. They discovered that her arm was fractured, so she needed an orthopedist to cast the arm. Mom paid one copay to her child’s pediatrician and one to the specialist.

Instead of simply sending the patient right to the orthopedist who could take the X-rays in his office, the patient went to three different providers before she received the care she needed. In this case, a bright pink cast!

Tip: If you know you have a healthcare issue that will require a specialist, if no referral is needed by your health plan, start there. If you are not sure, call your primary care doctor and ask for advice. They may not always do this, but it’s worth a try.

Writing a Check Even Though You Have an HSA

Today, a lot of health plans have an HSA, health savings account. This is an account that you fund to pay for your healthcare expenses.

Just like your deductible balance, your doctor’s office staff may not be able to see your up-to-date balance, so they ask you to write a check for their services instead of billing your HSA fund.  The thing is, you’ve already set money aside for your healthcare expenses in your HSA. If you write the check, your fund needs to reimburse you – more paperwork and headaches for you.

Tip: If you’re keeping track of your HSA balance, and you know you have funds left, politely ask your doctor’s office staff to please look again or bill you or your fund for your services. This will give the fund balance time to catch up with your claims. You may even give them a phone number to call the company that administers your HSA.

We Want to Hear Your Stories!

Enough from us, we want to hear from you. Tell us about a time you had to pay for your healthcare twice. The first 100 people to share their story in the comments below will get a free one-year HooPayz membership! (Be sure to use a valid email address so we can contact you with details on how to sign up.)

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