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Great Apps To Get You Through Coronavirus

It’s become an even bigger part of our current reality; we’re attached to our phones. Now more than ever, they’re a way to stay informed, connected, and distracted. Here’s a list of helpful apps to use during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Related Apps:

COVID19 Tracker- This virus tracker lets users self-report symptoms and keeps tabs on the number of cases by status and area. All information is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Weather Channel App- Not only does this app provide the forecast, it also includes a new tab that tracks the number of coronavirus cases by county and state.

Health and Wellbeing:

Youper- Feeling a bit stressed from Coronavirus? This app might be just what you need. Youper leverages artificial intelligence to help reduce anxiety levels, manage moods and improve sleep. Plus, they offer a free version of the App!

Headspace- Headspace is a mindfulness app that offers hundreds of guided meditations to help with everything from managing stress, to anxiety and sleep. Their ‘SOS’ sessions aid with heightened moments of panic or stress, their animations teach new skills, a ‘move- mode’ facilitates mindful cardio and workouts, and the app’s sleep feature helps users drift off.

J & J Official 7 Minute Workout- Looking for some more physical activity right now? If you answered yes, then this FREE app from Johnson and Johnson might be perfect. It guides users through quick 7-minute workouts to help you break a sweat. If you have a bit more time, it also offers longer workouts to help you burn a few extra calories. These workouts can be done from the comfort of your home and require no equipment.

Active by POPSUGAR- Variety is the spice of life and this app has it! Whether you prefer YOGA, weights, or are just a beginner looking to be more active this App has a lot of great workout options. Active is currently FREE to help people at home be more active.


Houseparty- Missing hanging out with your friends? Houseparty allows up to 8 people to connect via video chat. The app alerts users where others are ‘in the house’, so you can start a conversation instantly. Instead of having to coordinate schedules, send a Zoom invite, or add every person to a facetime call, users log in to hop on and off calls at their convenience.

Duolingo- Use this extra time at home to learn a new language or refresh your language skills! Duolingo provides fun, quick lessons in over 94 different courses, offered in 23 languages.

SiriusXM- Always wanted to get Sirius XM but didn’t want to pay the extra cost? Well right now, all of their content is available for FREE! You can listen on the iOS app, or head to the website on a PC.

NFL Game Pass- Are you a sports fan going crazy without something to watch right now? The NFL is extending complimentary access to its Game Pass through May 31. Plus, viewers will be treated to replay games from 2009-2019 in commercial-free HD. This access also includes bonus content like behind-the-scenes interviews with your favorite players and coaches.

Rave- This app allows you to watch streaming services with friends. Users can sync their watching experience with others so they can talk and text and about what’s playing.

Entertainment for Kids:

Kinedu- At home with a baby or toddler? This could be a great app for you. Kinedu helps parents generate daily activity plans, offers tips, and hosts more than 450 articles about early childhood development. The service is free through April 15.

Caribu -If you have a child at home that is missing their friends and class mates and needs an interactive playdate, this app could be helpful. Caribu functions like FaceTime but allows for shared, on-screen activities too! Kids can read together, draw, and play games. While the app is usually $7, it’s free during the COVID-19 outbreak and doesn’t require a credit card to use.