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Health Advocacy Company, HooPayz, Launches Pharmacy Discount Card, HooSaves Rx

HooSaves Rx card holders save up to 80% at the pharmacy counter.

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, June 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- HooPayz, LLC, an advocacy platform working to save employers and their employees on healthcare costs, announced today it has launched HooSaves Rx, a new prescription discount program. While the HooPayz platform requires membership, HooSaves Rx has been made available to everyone. The prescription discount card can be printed online, no sign-up required, and can be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

The launch is timely too; HooSaves Rx is ideal for those who have recently lost a job, have no insurance, or have limited or costly insurance plans. “People are really struggling right now. We're here to help everyone maximize every dollar of their healthcare spend, especially during these unprecedented times” said Debbie Sanders, Chief Operating Officer.

That extends to current HooPayz members too. While HooPayz members can’t combine HooSaves Rx with their health insurance, at times they may save more using the HooSaves discounts.

Debbie elaborates: “There are so many factors that go into the cost of a prescription. It can vary between pharmacies, whether it’s a brand vs. generic, or how your deductible is set up. Our Personal Advisors are incorporating HooSaves Rx into our popular Prescription Price Check service to make sure we’re laying out every cost-saving option for our members.”

More on HooSaves Rx: HooSaves Rx, provides instant savings at the pharmacy counter on brand-name and generic prescriptions. HooSaves Rx is free to use for all US residents. Unlike insurance programs, there are no enrollment forms, no age or income requirements, no waiting periods, no eligibility requirements, no exclusions, no claim forms to file, no annual or lifetime limits.

For more information, please visit www.HooSavesRx.com. Contact: hoosavesrx@hoopayz.com | 314-492-4000 ext. 3


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