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Low Cost Does Not Equal Low Quality

There’s a lot that goes into making healthcare decisions. You have to consider treatment options, costs, insurance plans, etc. And one of those many considerations is the quality of your care.

We understand just how important the quality of your healthcare is to you and your family. It goes beyond ensuring the improvement of your physical health; knowing that you have a quality provider helps give you some peace of mind during an already stressful episode of care.

The biggest misconception about healthcare quality is the idea that the price of care and its quality are in direct correlation with one another. That’s just not true. Even if you spend a small fortune on a procedure or facility, there is no guarantee of outcome or experience. And lower cost does not mean low-quality healthcare.

Low Cost Does Not Equal Low Quality

Quality Indicators

So how do you find quality healthcare at a fair price? Here are a few pointers to give you peace of mind when considering the quality of a provider or facility:

  1. In-Network Doctors Are Credentialed: Rely on the network your health plan has established. Any in-network doctor or specialist has the appropriate credentials so be sure to stay in-network. Read more about health plan networks.

  2. Use a Board-Certified Physician: A physician with board certification has undergone a rigorous process of testing and peer evaluation, proving their competency for a specialization. They actively invest in continuing their education and extending their expertise.

  3. Look for Fair-Priced Facilities: Lower-cost facilities, like free-standing MRI centers, charge lower prices and often have some of the same doctors who practice at the more expensive facilities. Remember to look at all your options, keeping in mind that a lower price does not mean lower quality.

In addition to relying on your health plan and its resources, there are several consumer sites that allow you to do additional research. These sites rate physicians and facilities. At HooPayz, members utilize one such resource, called HealthGrades. These ratings are based on consumer experience. That means these quality measurements are subjective; bedside manner and doctor likability are major influencers. This is another good piece of information to have when looking for providers, but not necessarily an indication of medical outcomes.

Remember the above steps as you seek out low-cost, high-quality providers and if you have questions or a quality/cost related story to share, make sure to comment below!

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