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Message from the CEO


As we wrap up the year on our blog, we want to thank all of you who have been faithfully reading! We hope we’ve helped you learn a little bit more about healthcare and improve your health financially in 2013. Now, we have a very special blog post — a message from our CEO, Susan L. Lang.

Message from the CEO

The healthcare market is in turmoil. That is obvious to everyone from consumers to nurses. What may not be obvious is the incredible amount of work underway by a new brand of health leader: the non-traditionalists. Non-traditionalists (NTs) may or may not have deep healthcare knowledge but they know there is a different way to think about our health, the cost, the delivery and staying well. They understand that, at the center of the turmoil, your next door neighbor with 3rd stage colon cancer and your niece who runs 5 miles a day share the same hope about their health – to be well and be able to take care of themselves and their families.

These leaders support the 34,000 new health apps that put data in the hands of the health consumer. Apps like AliveCor that can turn your smart phone into an EKG machine or Mobile MIM, and Diabetes Manager by WellDoc. Beyond the apps, technology is embedded in everything health related. Pill bottles now talk to us and remind us when we need to take our medicines and smart homes that continuously monitor our pulse, respiration and temperature and sends the data to your email account.

The technology arena is not the only place to find NT leaders – they are everywhere.  This year in St. Louis, a short stay hospital opened down the street – without an emergency room. The NT leadership somehow managed to make it past all the regulations to design a new level of service that is more cost effective. The NTs run small and large companies. But there is a buzz about the NT entrepreneurs.  And they are not just Americans – entrepreneurs from around the world are taking their best shot at a piece of the $2.8 trillion industry by innovating and disrupting the traditional model of care and service.

The story that captured our attention at HooPayz.com and continues to burn brightly is that of consumer empowerment. The mission to empower consumers comes in many shapes and sizes, everything from wellness coaches to pricing transparency.  At HooPayz.com we appreciate the trust our clients place in us to help their employees make better, more informed choices about the cost of their care. Talking with employers helps us understand the financial pressure and complexities they are facing with health benefits. But it is ultimately the individual that matters – their health, their contributions, their story – because they create the communities in which they live.

Together, we passionately believe we can reduce the cost of care while maintaining the best health possible for each individual so that they can take care of themselves and their families.  Join us in 2014, as we vigorously pursue our mission to pull back the curtain on health costs (pricing transparency) so you can choose how much to spend on care and understand the financial impacts to your company, yourself and your family.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy 2014! Susan

To read more about price transparency, check out this Forbes article.

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