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Some Uplifting COVID-19 Stories!

With so much doom and gloom in the news regarding the Coronavirus, we thought we’d would send out some positive things the HooPayz team sees happening as a result of COVID-19. Whether local or global, here’s a few stories from near and far to make you smile.

Locally- Over the weekend, one of our HooPayz team member’s participated in a different kind of birthday celebration. A little boy from her neighborhood named Jack had his 8th birthday party cancelled due to the stay at-home restrictions currently in place for COVID-19. So, to make his day special, people from all over the neighborhood put cards in his mailbox, hung pictures and banners outside their own homes, and wrote messages on the street in chalk to make sure Jack knew he was treasured and his birthday wasn’t forgotten. On Sunday, Jack and his parents walked around the neighborhood while neighbors stood at their door or shouted from the windows, “Happy Birthday Jack!” Although it was not the birthday party that Jack had planned, it will no doubt be a birthday experience he will never forget.

Nationally- With so many restaurants suffering and members of the healthcare community working a lot of long hours, many restaurants have set up ways for people to donate meals to healthcare workers. Here is a great article talking about this happening all over the US. Check with your local restaurants to see if they’re offering this opportunity, or are willing to do so. (While writing this article, this news alert popped up on my phone for those who live in the St. Louis area and want to donate.)

Internationally- We are seeing stories all over the news of people finding ways to demonstrate their appreciation for healthcare workers. News channels are featuring videos of people in metro areas clapping, whistling, or screaming out to say thank you. Photos are circulating of people’s handmade signs displayed on their lawns or in their windows. Here are some links from various cities.


Lafayette, Louisiana

New York



Need a laugh?

Although we do take Coronavirus very seriously, we also realize some of you might need a laugh at this time. Check out some of the funniest Memes about COVID-19!

Need some entertainment?

With social distancing, many people are looking for home entertainment options for themselves and/or their children. One popular choice was Sunday’s iHeart Living Room Concert for America. A lot of people tuned in! If this was something you enjoyed, here are two links where you can find programming information about all sorts of musicians doing live concerts from their homes.

Billboard Link

NPR Link

Have some uplifting stories or information?

If you have a positive story in response to what is happening right now, or have a resource that might be valuable to others, please send them our way! We’re happy to pass it along! Please send to natalie.meyer@hoopayz.com