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The Philosophy Behind HooPayz.com

Some of you follow us on Twitter and on this blog (thank you!), but you may not know that we have a brand-new website. Launched in late January, our new site, HooPayz.com, is full of robust tools, easy-to-understand healthcare information, money-saving tips, healthcare glossary, and more.

Why HooPayz.com? As healthcare professionals, we are deeply concerned about the cost of healthcare, the errors on medical bills, the wide variation of prices WITHIN a provider network, etc. We see stories in the news everyday — healthcare costs are going up at almost 6% per year, three times the increase in your take-home pay.

  1. In the US, we will spend $2.8 trillion on healthcare.

  2. The cost of healthcare for a family of 4 is NOW slightly over $20,000 per year.

  3. Employers and consumers pay that bill – on average 59% by the employer and 31% by the consumer.

  4. The average family spends 23% of their household budget on healthcare.

  5. AND, if that is not shocking enough, 50-80% of all medical bills have errors, costing you even more than they should.

Combine those statistics with the continuing confusion about healthcare reform and the negative impact of unpaid medical bills on your credit score, and we have a perfect storm brewing.

We know that these issues are all real problems facing Americans today.

That’s where HooPayz.com comes in. When designing our website, we wanted to pull back the curtain on healthcare jargon, medical benefit rules, misconceptions and pricing to give you an insider’s view of how to navigate.

As an independent company, we are not owned by or affiliated with any health plan, insurance company, or provider. What does this mean? That means we work for you, your employer and your community to demystify health benefits and costs that will save you money.

Sign Your Company Up for HooPayz.com Today

The meat and potatoes of our site are available for members only through their employer.

Things like:

  1. Robust tools to help you plan for, understand, and manage your family’s healthcare expenses

  2. A checklist of important steps to take before you receive care

  3. A pricing transparency tool that helps you find the highest value provider

  4. Healthcare glossary

  5. And much more

If you would like to know more about how HooPayz can help your company and your employees manage their healthcare costs, contact us.

Consumer Website Coming Soon

Right now we’re focused on helping employers and their employees save money on healthcare. Our consumer website is coming later this year. Check back for more details, or talk to your company’s HR representative about signing up for our services.

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