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We Have Answers To Your Healthcare Questions

An Exciting New Offering

We’ve put together a brand new resource to help consumers find answers to their healthcare questions and begin saving on their out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Never Pay a Dollar More Than You Owe: A Guide to Health Benefits is a digital publication that covers everything from high-deductible plans to how doctors get paid.

It’s available on our website for download and is completely free!

A Guide to Health Benefits

So What Does It Include?

The book is an easy-to-navigate collection of chapters and cartoons addressing the following topics:

• Preventative care • Handling medical bills • Discounted hospital care • In-network care vs. out-of-network • The advantages and disadvantages of high-deductible plans • Out-of-pocket costs • Finding fair healthcare prices • And many more…

Download It Today!

To get your free copy and start saving money with our practical tips, visit HooPayz today. Have questions? Want a little more information? Comment below and we’ll be happy to help.

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