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What To Do When the Medical Bills Start Pouring In

We hear it over and over from HooPayz members – they need medical care, whether for something tragic, routine, or exciting (like a new baby) – but the bills that follow only exaggerate the current situation.

Whether you’re on the mend from a car accident, or you haven’t slept in 2 weeks with your newborn, medical bills are not at the top of your list of things to worry about right now.

You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and confused by all the complex terms.

We want to help.

When the bills start pouring in, here’s what you can do:

1. Match Up Your EOBs and Bills

Whenever you get an Explanation of Benefits (These are the ones that say “This is not a bill” on them.) in the mail, throw it in a folder with the corresponding medical bill. Match up the bills and EOBs by the Date of Service on each.

2. Wait Until You Have an EOB and a Bill Before You Pay

Bills are meant to be paid, right? Yes, but always make sure you have your EOB in hand before you pay a bill. This way, you can double check to make sure your healthcare benefits were applied properly.

Unfortunately, 50-80% of all medical bills have errors on them. (These errors usually occur when you need more advanced care. You probably won’t see an error from a regular office visit for a sinus infection.)

You’ll want to look for things like:

  1. Does this bill have my name on it and not somebody else’s?

  2. Is this my date of birth?

  3. Is the insurance information correct?

  4. Are there charges on the bill multiple times in a row for the same thing?

  5. Does it look like my benefits were applied correctly?

Not sure? Ask us, and can review your medical bills for you.

3. Can’t Pay Right Away? Call to Set Up a Payment Plan

Sometimes the bills pile up, and there’s no way you can pay them at once. Call your provider’s billing department and ask if you can set up a payment plan. Most of the time, they are willing to work with you.

If you simply avoid paying your bill all together, your provider has the right to send it to a debt collector. One unpaid medical bill can hurt your credit score. Next time you try to buy a car, refinance your house, get a credit card, that one bill can really mess things up for you.

4.Talk to a Hospital’s Financial Counselor

If you received care in a hospital, there will usually be a financial counselor you can speak with. This person can review your bill and your financial situation and provide a discount if you qualify.

Still Swamped and Just Need Help?

If you’re simply overwhelmed with medical bills, and you need someone to help, HooPayz is here. We can review your medical bill, simply contact us.

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