TPAs, Brokers, & Health Plans

HooPayz is a financial wellness company that works to reduce health spend, increase workplace productivity, lower employee stress, and promote greater focus with our custom programs and interactive tools.

We combine online health benefit cost management tools with high touch, personal concierge service to reach every employee whenever they engage in health choices, effectively reducing their costs and stress. Employees live their best lives by making more informed, cost-saving decisions so that the cost and complexity of care doesn’t negatively impact their work and home life.

We work with self-insured and fully-insured employers, associations, TPAs, brokers, and local governments. Distribution partners receive support, marketing materials, and innovative packages to bring the very best to their clients.

With HooPayz, you gain:

  • Added client value
  • Strong ROI
  • Generous commission plan
  • Excellent customer satisfaction

As an independent company, we are not owned or affiliated with any health plan, insurance company or provider.

Interested in HooPayz?

We have the healthcare solutions and innovative, personal services to keep you competitive. Call us at (626) 529-112 ext. 716 or contact us for a free demo.