Welcome to Our New President!

We’re thrilled to announce an addition to the HooPayz team – a big welcome to our new President, Karen Baer!

Karen joins HooPayz with 25+ years of finance management and healthcare experience. Wow! And she’s already jumped in, utilizing her expertise to identify and develop savings opportunities for client and members. “I love being able to help people with their health benefits. They’ve gone through so much; we’re a very valuable service. That’s the mission behind HooPayz, to help the patient.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Karen!

While the HooPayz mission is a simple one, navigating the healthcare industry is anything but. That complexity is where Karen sees the potential of patient advocacy. “People don’t go through the healthcare process every day. It’s unique and difficult. We’re watching the industry push more responsibility to the patient. Suddenly, consumers are maneuvering a space without the right tools. Advocacy is essential. Patients need us to speak on their behalf, not the provider’s.”

This uptick in consumer-driven health plans shows no sign of slowing in 2018. And while employers are doing what they can, like contributing to HSAs, we can expect to see a drop off in these contributions in the coming years, as costs continue to shift. Happily, Karen is helping position HooPayz to counter consumers’ increased financial responsibility. She’s working hard to improve what we already do best – saving clients and members time and money. As Karen points out, we’re the experts: “We live this every day. They don’t.”

With Karen at the helm, you can expect big things from HooPayz in 2018 and beyond! Welcome aboard, Karen!

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